Auto Transfer System(ATS)

ATS automatic loading transfer panel is the standard configure of emergent power system. The panel detects the voltage and frequency of civil electricity timely.

While there is something wrong, such as high voltage, low voltage, phase missing, electricity cutting off, etc., it will signal to start the generator set automatically.

ATS Selection Table
Model Rated Current(A) Poles
BS-63GA 63 3P 4P
BS-80GA 80 3P 4P
BS-100GA 100 3P 4P
BS-160GA 160 3P 4P
BS-250GA 250 3P 4P
BS-400GA 400 3P 4P
BS-630GA 630 3P 4P
BS-800GA 800 3P 4P
BS-1000GA 1000 3P 4P
BS-1250GA 1250 3P 4P
BS-1600GA 1600 3P 4P
BS-2000GA 2000 3P 4P
BS-2500GA 2500 3P 4P
BS-3200GA 3200 3P 4P

Auto Parallel System

Automatic Parallel Control Panel.One with all the functions, one gen-set, one panel. The panel can be used both for singly and parallel. With maximum of undertake 32 generator sets to parallel.


Practical: This system realizes one screen for one gen-set, the unit can be either independent single use or for parallel.

Simple operation: Automatic multilingual operating system, built-in fault detection function, simple peripheral circuit, leave out the trouble of the traditional PLC programming, reduce the professional requirements of the operator, easy for operation and use.

Small volume: Single gen-set has ability to parallel.

Easy maintenance: All the modules in the controller system all use the same company, with reliable, most of the peripheral controller integrates ever relay logic circuit, simple peripheral circuits, small failure rate.

Historical records: Records all the fault, operation process, 200 times operation record, convenient to check the faults and operation record.

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